My first visit.

A good first encounter is critical to developing a healthy and trusting long term relationship with any dental office. At Sugarloaf Signature Dentistry, we strive to welcome each patient into our office as we would a new family member into our home.

After you are greeted by our warm staff and offered a selection of refreshments, you will be escorted to meet one of our friendly doctors. A quick detour to our X-ray room for any appropriate X-rays will allow the doctor to fully evaluate your oral health and provide better care. Once introduced, it is important that you get to know the doctor as much as they will want to get to know you! Be prepared to share some fun facts about yourself for the staff to get to know you better. (Or, if you're a private person and prefer not to share, that's OK too!)

The doctor will then perform a thorough and comprehensive exam of your teeth, gums, muscles, airway and other related areas. Afterwards, the doctor will simply inform you of any findings and recommendations if needed. Our goal is to treat you as a family member. There are no judgements, pressure tactics or selling!

Financing & Insurance

Cash or check – We are happy to offer a 5% pre-payment courtesy for all treatment plans over $2,000 paid in full, in advance of treatment. (3% if on a credit card)

We are in-network with many dental insurers. Our office will gladly work with you to help get the maximum benefit available. Call us and we will be happy to check your dental insurance against our full list of providers.

Membership plans.


  1. Two Re-care (professional cleanings + dental exam) visits per year plus one set of cavity-finding (bitewing) x-rays per year, per patient.
  2. A 10% courtesy reduction on all other regular dental procedure fees.
  3. Other discounts or courtesies which may be combined, but may not exceed 12% of your total treatment.
  4. Optional Care Credit financing, through interest-based plans.
  5. Unused Re-care visits may not be refunded or carried over for use in subsequent plan years.
  6. Enrollment for 12 consecutive months, independent of calendar year Ask for details.

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