Microscopic Dentistry

Microscopic Dentistry

What is Microscopic Dentistry?

Microscopic Dentistry is simply any dentistry that is done with the assistance of a Dental Operatory Microscope. Originally, Microscopic Dentistry was only used by a few dental specialists who required increased vision and lighting for their detailed surgeries. Now, Microscopic Dentistry is more widespread and is used by our dentists to provide our patients with their multiple benefits.

What are the benefits of Microscopic Dentistry?

The main benefit of Microscopic Dentistry is the improved vision it provides to our dentists. Most dentists use only loupes for magnification which are simple and small magnification devices that are typically worn in an eye glasses frame. Most loupes only provide a single magnification somewhere in the range of 2.5x-6x. Dental Operatory Microscopes on the other hand, provide our dentists with magnification in a full, adjustable range of 4x–25x!

What is so great about higher magnification?

Higher magnification allows our dentists to: 

  • Work with greater precision
  • Produce higher quality treatment
  • Catch early signs of disease
  • Be more conservative
  • Work with greater efficiency

What other benefits are there to Microscopic Dentistry?

Recently, new technologies and advances have allowed dentists to share the images seen through the Dental Operatory Microscope. Sugarloaf Signature Dentistry is pleased to offer patients the ability to watch what our dentists are seeing in real time via a live video camera that streams from the Dental Operatory Microscope to our ceiling mounted TV. Additionally, the video camera may be recorded so that patients can take home videos or images of their treatments and exams.

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