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Suwanee Family Dentistry

Top Suwanee dentist Robert Finkel has made a lifelong practice of treating his patients like family. As a result, most of them bring their families to us, and only us, for dental treatment.

We are especially good at making children feel at ease, which is vital in getting their agreement to do any dental procedures. We educate them, show them children’s dental literature and keep in good communication with them at all times.

When possible, and practical, we can even schedule appointments for the whole family together.

With more than 33 years of experience, Dr. Finkel knows exactly what to do for any and every dental situation. His patients return year after year because he helps them keep their smiles healthy and beautiful.

Gentle and painfree treatment for your children

Everyone is treated like family when they come to Suwanee Dentist Robert Finkel.

Everyone is treated like family when they come here.

Parents often ask at what age they should bring their child in for a dental check up. We like to see the kids when they are about 2 1/2 to 3 years old, unless you see a problem before that, such as black or brown spots on the teeth, or no teeth or gum sores.

When they are about 3, they have most, if not all, of their baby teeth and are able to cooperate and understand. Often, we have the little ones come and watch their older brother or sister or their parent.

With the children (as with all of our patients) we talk to them in a way they understand. We use words they know and don't do more than they can tolerate.

We take it as a compliment when parents arrive for their dental appointments and the kids are disappointed that it is not their turn!

Come in for a $89 New Patient Examination

Consultation with Suwanee Family Dentist Robert Finkel


When it's time for your child to visit the dentist, please bring him or her in for our New Patient examination. Our special offer is just $89, and it includes:

  • Comprehensive oral exam

  • Cavity-finding

  • Smile evaluation

  • Learn about your options

  • Get your questions answered

  • Let us gently and painlessly teach your child how to take care of his or her teeth.


Call us at (770) 212-9691 to make an appointment or request an appointment online.


New Patient Offer

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"I have seen Dr. Finkel since I was born. He has not just fixed my teeth. He also stitched up my lip when I fell on a golf cart, and didn't leave a scar.

"Dr. Finkel gives the best shots ever, and they don't hurt a bit.

"One of my front teeth came in very small, and didn't match my other teeth. Dr. Finkel put a veneer on my tooth and it matched perfectly. I am so happy and able to smile, and everyone noticed. I get compliments on my teeth all the time. "

"Thanks Dr. Finkel! "

- Chris