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Full Mouth Reconstruction in Suwanee GA

Top Suwanee dentist Robert Finkel has been providing comfortable, experienced and comprehensive dentistry to patients in the Atlanta area for more than 33 years. In a convenient and beautiful new office, Dr. Finkel welcomes each patient as he would a member of his own family. If you have missing, extensively decayed or compromised teeth, he will help you formulate a treatment plan designed to restore your mouth to full health, function and beauty.

Dr. Finkel has been recognized as one of Atlanta’s Top Dentists.

Dr. Finkel has been recognized as one of Atlanta’s Top Dentists.

Dr. Finkel’s caring and skilled approach to dental treatment has earned him top honors with his professional peers: he was one of the first three Georgia dentists to be recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Academy of General Dentistry. He has also been recognized as one of Atlanta’s top dentists. But the award that matters most to Dr. Finkel is naturally the one he has received from his patients: a 100% satisfaction rating in a recent patient survey.

Dr. Finkel believes that while there are many ways to beautify your smile and restore lost dental function and esthetics, the most expensive ways are not always the best for your teeth or your wallet. When he prepares a dental treatment plan for you, he will carefully explain to you all of your options, and he will make recommendations for treatment based on all of the things that matter to you. In this way, you can be sure that your smile makeover will give you exactly the results that you are hoping for.


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Our approach to Dental Restoration
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Our approach to Dental Restoration

Sometimes it can seem overwhelming to confront major dental work. Dr. Finkel understands this, and will make you feel completely relaxed and at ease. He will work with you to be certain that he completely understands your needs and goals, and he will put together a treatment plan to help you achieve those goals.

Dr. Finkel will start your treatment by listening to you

Dr. Finkel will consider all aspects of your mouth and your health when he is planning your dental restoration.

Dr. Finkel will consider all aspects of your mouth and your health when he is planning your dental restoration.

In designing and planning your full dental rehabilitation (major repair of teeth), Dr. Finkel will take into account many factors. These factors include the current health of your teeth, the health of your gums and other systemic factors, such as your general health and habits.

In addition, Dr. Finkel will consider beauty and esthetics, speech, chewing function, longevity and your personal desires. He will take into account facial esthetics and your joint and muscle function.

Modern dentistry has many new and unique materials in which Dr. Finkel will incorporate into your final treatment plan.

Dr. Finkel will plan treatment that is right for you

Affordable cosmetic dentistry near Atlanta GA

Your treatment plan will be right for your budget as well as your smile.

Everyone is unique and therefore has different needs. You will find that Dr. Finkel is always striving to create a treatment plan that fits your needs exactly, using high-quality materials and the best possible skilled treatment. He does this while preserving as much natural tooth as possible.

By treating you like a member of his family, Dr. Finkel will prepare a tailor-made treatment plan that will give you the smile you have always wanted. He will also provide options that will fit your budget and schedule. You are the patient; we work for you!


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Before and After Photos

John: Bridge and Veneers

John hated his old bridge and discolored teeth. He loves his new bridge and veneers.

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Dental restoration procedures

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"I have been going to Dr. Finkel for over five years now, and he has been a great friend and doctor. I love his honesty and professionalism.

"All my visits have been very relaxing and fun. The staff is outstanding and very helpful.

"My teeth were in a terrible state and he has given me my smile back. Thank you, Dr. Finkel and staff for making my visits enjoyable."

- Jennie P.