Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding

In dental bonding, a tooth-colored composite bonding material is placed directly on the teeth and sculpted. This is used to correct spaces, enamel defects and enamel discolorations. The material is then cured (solidified), adjusted and polished.

Top Suwanee dentist Robert Finkel has been providing comfortable and experienced dentistry to patients in the Atlanta area for more than 33 years. He knows and understands the best way to use dental bonding to improve your smile. His conservative approach to dentistry means he will encourage you to preserve your natural teeth, and he won’t recommend unnecessary or overpriced procedures.

Dr. Finkel’s caring and skilled approach to dental treatment has earned him top honors with his professional peers: he was one of the first three Georgia dentists to be recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Academy of General Dentistry. He has also been recognized as one of Atlanta’s top dentists. But the award that matters most to Dr. Finkel is naturally the one he has received from his patients: a 100% satisfaction rating from a recent patient survey.


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Can dental bonding correct the imperfections in my teeth?
Before and After Photos

Can dental bonding correct the imperfections in my teeth?

Broken, stained or misshapen teeth can often be corrected by dental bonding using a high-quality tooth-colored composite material. Composite bonding is usually more conservative of tooth structure and more economical than porcelain veneers. However, porcelain veneers are more solid and durable than bonding. Either or both can help give you the smile of your dreams.

When planning your Smile Design, Dr. Finkel will create a treatment plan that fits your needs exactly, using high-quality materials and the best possible skilled treatment.

Dr. Finkel will offer you options to help you get the you the smile you want, while taking into account your needs and your budget. You are the patient; we work for you!


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Before and After Photos

D’juan: Dental Bonding

Cosmetic Dentistry patient in Suwanee, GA

D'juan had some old gold crowns on his front teeth and a lot of staining. The gold crowns were removed and we proceeded to whiten the teeth. When the desired shade was achieved, composite bonding was completed, resulting in a beautiful smile.

Robert: Teeth Whitening and Dental Bonding

Robert was unhappy with the spaces between his front teeth and the color. We started by whitening his teeth. After Robert reached the shade he desired, the teeth were bonded and he was truly happy with his new smile.

Kristeen: Gum Recontouring and Dental Bonding

Smile Makeover with Dental Bonding

Kristeen came to our office very unhappy with her smile. Recontouring (evening out) her gums, teeth whitening and some bonding gave her the smile she desired.

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"I have been going to Dr. Finkel for over five years now, and he has been a great friend and doctor. I love his honesty and professionalism.

"All my visits have been very relaxing and fun. The staff is outstanding and very helpful.

"My teeth were in a terrible state and he has given me my smile back. Thank you, Dr. Finkel and staff for making my visits enjoyable."

- Jennie P.