Cleanings & Checkups

Suwanee Dentist Robert Finkel provices gentle treatment.

Cleanings from our hygienists are always gentle and thorough.

Top Suwanee dentist Robert Finkel has been providing comfortable and experienced dentistry to patients in the Atlanta area for more than 32 years. He provides comprehensive dental care to all of his patients in a relaxing and beautiful new office, conveniently located in The Gates at Sugarloaf. It's the perfect place to come for your next checkup or teeth cleaning!

Our hygienists are very experienced and use gentle techniques to give you excellent, thorough cleanings. Each hygienist has been with our practice for over 15 years and we are proud to have them as part of our team.

Dr. Finkel likes to encourage all of his patients to have regular checkups and cleanings to ensure that their teeth stay healthy and strong. It's the best way to prevent against cavities and decay.

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Special Internet Offer for New Patients

Suwanee Dentist Robert Finkel

When you come in for your first appointment, Dr. Finkel will listen to your concerns and advise you on recommended treatment.

50% Off Exam, X-rays, Cleaning and Consultation!

You'll receive:

  • A complete exam and smile evaluation

  • Cavity-finding x-rays

  • Panoramic x-ray

  • Teeth cleaning

  • Answers to all your questions


Call us at (770) 212-9691 to make an appointment or request an appointment online.

Comprehensive and gentle Dental Exams

Exam, X-rays and cleanings with Dr. Robert Finkle in Suwanee

In a thorough exam, Dr. Finkel can identify any problems that you might have with your teeth, gums or jaw.

Dental Vibe Pain Free Injections

When you come in for your first checkup, Dr. Finkel will do a comprehensive exam including bitewing x-rays (cavity detecting x-rays), a full oral exam, a complete periodontal exam (evaluating the state of your gums and any changes to your tooth structure), a panoramic x-ray and an oral cancer screening. 

In your complete exam, Dr. Finkel will make sure to check not just for cavities, but also for problems with your gums, jaw or bite.

Our gentle and thorough checkups can improve your overall health

Modern medicine has shown us that there is an intimate relationship between oral health and general health. Infection in the mouth, such as periodontal disease (gum disease), can cause problems such as pre-term labor, low birth weight babies, strokes, heart disease and kidney disease. Bite problems can cause headaches, facial pain, weakness and fatigue. Sleep problems may cause tiredness, high blood pressure and other systemic ailments. An oral infection can also spread to other areas in the head, neck and face and can affect other organs in the body. We can prevent and treat all these problems. As you can see, prevention and treatment of dental-related problems is essential to maintaining full body health.

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Teeth Cleaning

Gentle and caring cleanings to keep your smile healthy

Tabitha will be happy to show you the best way to keep your teeth healthy between check-ups

Tabitha will be happy to show you the best way to keep your teeth healthy between checkups.

Dr. Finkel recommends a thorough teeth cleaning every 3-6 months in order to keep your mouth healthy and free of cavities or diseases.
Kathy and Tabitha, our dental hygienists, both have vast experience in dental hygiene. Each have been with us for over 15 years! We often hear from our patients how much they enjoy getting to know Kathy and Tabitha, how relaxing and gentle their cleaning was and how much they look forward to seeing them at their next appointment.


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"Dr. Finkel has been my dentist since I was six years old. The most important thing I feel he has done for me was putting sealants on my teeth to protect my teeth from cavities.

"He has become like a family to me as has his entire staff."

- Becky